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One of the fun things about traveling is getting to experience life from a different perspective.  While on our Europe trip this summer, I not only got to see different perspectives, I also was able to “pretend play” too!

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Stop 2- Salzburg, Austria

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Sound of Music Reinactments

As a big fan of The Sound of Music, I had always wanted to visit Salzburg, Austria where a majority of the outside scenes of the movie were shot.  I had big dreams of running around the town fountain and strolling leisurely through the picturesque street.  However, when we arrived in Salzburg, the weather had other plans.  It rained and rained and rained!  I didn’t take near as many pictures as I had planned because every time I wanted to take out my camera, it involved unzipping my rain jacket  (Love my jacket!  See why-  9 Daypack Essentials), then having Joe hold an umbrella over my head.

Gray, rainy day in Salzburg


The rain didn’t stop us from running around the town fountain like Maria!  We also crept quietly through the cemetery, just like the Von Trapp children.  Next time we visit, we hope to do a whole Sound of Music tour!


Town fountain

Town fountain


Gate to the cemetery


Very unique gravesite markers

Very unique gravesite markers

Best Bratwurst Ever!

Our wonderful tour guide had already given us good eating advice during our first stop in Vienna (see 3 “Can’t Miss” Things to Do in Vienna).  When she suggested a bratwurst food stand that is locals’ favorite, we didn’t let the rain deter us!  I love a good sausage, and the food cart she directed us to was worth eating in the rain.  The flavor hit my taste buds with a bang.  The hidden surprise was the cheddar cheese that was stuffed inside.  Fantastic!


Worth eating in the rain!

Worth eating in the rain!

Pretending to be a Salt Miner!

After spending a good portion of the day in Salzburg, we stopped at Salzbergwerk Berchtesgaden, about 30 minutes to the south.  A tour of a salt mine might not seem that interesting, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  The fun starts with a coveralls that everyone wears to protect your clothes.

Our school group

Our school group


Next, your group is loaded on a tram that takes you around the mine, where you learn about the history of salt and importance of the mine to the area.

Riding the Salt Tram

Riding the Salt Tram


The tour lasts about an hour and in the final part of the tour you get to slide down a traditional miner’s slide.  So much fun!  The tour ends with a boat ride across an underwater lake.


Salt Mine

Reeling down the miner’s slide!


As you can see, the Salzburg is a beautiful city that shouldn’t missed in your tour of Austria!  Have you ever been to Salzburg or dressed up as a miner?  Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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A Day In Salzburg


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