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National Shrimp Festival October 2015

Baguio-  pronounced bag-e-o

Welcome to Pack Your Baguios!  I’m Carmen, and I started this travel blog March 5, 2016 on our 5th wedding anniversary.  I’m the main writer, photographer, and planner.  I’ve been camping as long as I can remember.  When I was little, we camped because that was all the vacation we could afford.  As a Girl Scout leader for 10 years, I spent many a weekend teaching girls how to cook outdoors and not burn down the woods.  Currently, I teach 6th graders (world history and English) and each summer take a group of middle schoolers overseas.

Carmen Baguio

San Juan Islands
July 2014

Joe is the free spirit adventurer, runner, road and mountain cyclist, road trip driver, and overall “let’s do it” half of our traveling partnership.  We met through eharmony in 2007, so you can see online dating does work.  He is a first generation Filipino-American.  He left the family farm in Pacific, Washington at 18 and joined the Army to see the world.  He was stationed in Fort Lee, Virginia, Bad Kreuznach, Germany, Fort Campbell, Kentucky and Camp Zama, Japan.  He keeps me grounded, tells me everything is going to work out, and keeps my belly happy with his fierce cooking skills.

Joe Baguio

Biking along the Tennessee Wolf River January 2016

We have been tent campers, but just bought a new camper for our 5-year anniversary.  Our middle-aged bones were needing more comfortable sleeping quarters!

Pack Your Baguios

Our new camper!


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