I Like Big Pigs


~ Carmen

How the pig collection began

Razorback Carmen

Team Spirit Day at the middle school where I teach

I have never told anyone that I collected pigs.  On the contrary, when I have had to list “my collections”, I have always listed elephants or magnets, never pigs.  It all started the year I decided to change the theme of my 6th grade classroom.  Several other teachers in my school used their classrooms to show their team spirit.  As a graduate of the University of Arkansas, I felt compelled to hang a U of A flag on my classroom wall.  A few other razorback items were randomly put on my bookshelf.  With those couple of decorations, I thought my room looked pretty good.  It was then that students started giving me pigs for my classroom.

My Dad joined the pig giving

My dad has always been a giver of random, unexpected gifts.  When he found out I changed my classroom then to the University of Arkansas, his randomness started having a pig theme.  First, it was a wooden black pig for my classroom.  Then a large ceramic pig followed by other pig home accessories.  Since then, other family members have joined in on the pig giving.

Okay, I give up!  The pigs have grown on me.  Keep the pigs coming.

I don’t seek out pigs, they seek out me

I know with the number of pictures I have with big pigs, it may seem that I go out of my way to find oversized porkers.  That couldn’t be further from the truth!  Especially when Joe and I are on a trip, big pigs seem to magically appear.  We’ll just be driving down the road, then WHAM!  There’s a big pig!  So of course I yell at Joe, “Stop the car!”, then traverse lanes of highway to snap a picture.

Black and White Pig

Stop the car! There’s a big pig!

University of Arkansas


Arkansas Razorbacks!

My daughter, Rachel, has joined her parents in attending the University of Arkansas.  With a razorback as a mascot, trips to the university has increased the pig sightings.  So not only is my daughter getting a fine college education, she is also adding to the big pig spottings.

Rachel with Pig

Spotted this beauty during Freshman Orientation

Random pig sightings

Now that I have accepted and embraced my big pig quest, I’m finding the porkers in the most random places you can imagine!  Joe is learning to be a big pig spotter, too.  I’ve learned to keep my camera handy because I never know when Joe might slam on the brakes and shout, “PIG!”

Pike Place Pig

Seattle Pig


Franklin Pig

Franklin Tennessee Spring Festival

Victoria Pig

Butchart Gardens, British Columbia Pig


Joe with Pig

Joe spotting (and buying for me) a metal pig at the El Mercado (Old Mexican Market) in San Antonio, TX

Name our camper!

We recently upgraded our camping accommodations, from a tent to a travel trailer.  I want to decorate our new “home away from home” with a pig theme.  However, we haven’t come up with the proper name for our little camper.  I was thinking “Little Pig” or “Sooie Pig”.  What do thing we should name our camper?  Please share your ideas by replying below.  Want to keep up with our destinations and tips?  Please follow us on social media and subscribe to our weekly newsletter (no SPAM ever)!

~ Carmen

Texas Pig

I like big pigs, and I can not lie!


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