Top 5 Must Haves of the Ultimate Traveler

~ Meghan Jones (Guest Post)

Experience is the best teacher, they say. Sometimes, you will have to survive three or more “not so great” travel adventures to make the next one the best trip of your life. You’ve probably experienced so many mishaps and inconveniences, from delayed flights to missing valuables, getting lost, getting ill, missing an activity that took you thousands of dollars to book, etc. We all have our share of travel disasters.

Fortunately, the advancement in technology and the booming number or resources makes traveling easier these days. In addition to careful planning and research, knowing the most important gears and items to bring on your next trip will definitely slash your risk of travel misfortunes.

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Good-Quality Tarps

Love outdoor adventures like hiking, trekking and camping? How about watching concerts and attending country festivals? If yes, you should always have a good-quality waterproof tarp in your car. Because tarps are so light, you can toss it in your hiking bag and use as a shelter while you take your lunch. Bring a mesh tarp to protect your group from extreme heat and sunlight, or a poly tarp to stay dry amidst the heavy rain and block strong winds. You can also use it to cover your equipment, belongings, and other adventure gears, such as your surfboard, bike, etc. Tarps have so many uses for travel so do not forget to pack one.


Disinfecting Wipes

As you step out from your home, you are more at risk of getting ill. Thus, proper hygiene is important. Disinfecting wipes make a perfect hygiene essential because it’s easy to carry, use, and dispose. You won’t have to worry about spilling or getting barred by the airline officer because you went overboard on the amount of liquid you can stack in your handbag. Use wipes to conveniently sanitize your plane seat and table, door handles, and even your personal stuff like your phone (which could be carrying thousands of germs and bacteria). Untidy shoes? You can easily wipe it off too.  


Universal Adaptor

Ultimate travelers bring a lot of gadgets apart from their smartphones. When you take on a trip, you most likely bring a camera, power bank, your laptop, tablet (for the kids), music player, and some devices for freshening up like a hair dryer and clothes steamer/iron. Instead of building up a network of different adaptors, having a universal unit can save you so much hassle, and space in your luggage too! If you’re traveling overseas or to different destinations, the more you need this item as hotels could have so different types of plug sockets.


Travel Apps

In this technology savvy world, some of the most helpful must-haves when traveling are apps. From the Uber app to Waze, to Google maps, language translation apps, booking apps, and hotel finders – travel apps are no doubt a life-saver. They make your travel cheaper, better, more convenient, safe, and of course – memorable.


Power Bank

You could drain your phone battery faster when using those apps so don’t forget to bring a power bank! The last thing you want to happen is having to make an emergency call but you can’t because your phone is dead. Consider using a solar power bank that doesn’t need power to charge but still can be plugged as a wall charger. This gadget is perfect for hiking, camping, festivals, and other outdoor adventures where you can’t always guarantee that there’s electricity source.


By having all these items with you, you’re sure headed to a fun, enjoyable and hassle-free vacation!

Bon voyage!

~ Meghan Jones (Guest Post)

Megan is a writer and a camping lover who works with


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Top 5 Must Haves of the Ultimate Traveler




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