24 Hours in Atlanta- Eastside

~ Carmen

After two full days touring all of the big attractions in Atlanta, you’d think we’d have had enough.  You would be right.  We were tired!  But we still had a day left and a few more spots we wanted to see.  We spent our last 24 hours in Atlanta exploring Atlanta’s Eastside.


Here’s how we broke up our three days in Atlanta:

Day 1:  Read about Northeast Atlanta

Day 2: Read about Centennial Park

Day 3: Eastside Atlanta

Summary of all 3 days ( read here)


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24 Hours in Atlanta- Eastside

West Egg

We started our last morning getting fueled up for the day at West Egg, a cool little breakfast joint.  As the reviews we read had predicted, we had about a thirty minute wait.  With accolades like “Georgia’s Best Breakfast” “Best Shrimp and Grits”,  it would be well worth the wait.

I tried the Shrimp and Grits.  Yes, they were smooth and delicious!  Joe tried the Peach Tree plate which included two eggs any style, brown sugar bacon, pimiento cheese grits, fried green tomatoes, and a biscuit.  The only downside is that we ate it all (no leftovers to enjoy later)!

24 Hours in Atlanta- Eastside

Worth the wait!


Zoo Atlanta

We love a good zoo, but are admittedly biased.  As big fans of the award-winning Memphis Zoo (read 24 Hours in Memphis- Outside Downtown), most other zoos pale in comparison.  Since it was an option on our Atlanta CityPass, we decided to give Zoo Atlanta a chance.

24 Hours in Atlanta- Eastside



Zoo Atlanta didn’t disappoint!  Although on the small side, the zoo is well laid out with exhibits that naturally flowed into each other.  Our favorite exhibits included the gorillas and pandas.  The biggest thrill was getting to see a baby panda!

24 Hours in Atlanta- Eastside

Recommended time:  2-3 hours



Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site

As part of the National Parks Service, there’s no cost to visit the museum honoring Martin Luther King.  The complex covers several city blocks and includes a visitor center, MLK’s boyhood home, the original Ebenezer Baptist Church where MLK and his father preached, a center dedicated to nonviolent social change, and the “I Have a Dream” International World Peace Rose Garden.

24 Hours in Atlanta- Eastside

Final resting place for Martin Luther and Loretta Scott King


Since we were visiting during Martin Luther King weekend, it was pretty busy, but not so much that we couldn’t learn and enjoy the interactive exhibits.  The tours of MLK’s boyhood home are free, but tour spots are limited do to space concerns.  Being a last minute trip, we weren’t able to nab a spot, but enjoyed seeing the home and surrounding shotgun row and Victorian houses from the sidewalk.

24 Hours in Atlanta- Eastside

Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site


Recommended time: 1-2 hours


The Varsity

The Varsity is an Atlanta institution and the world’s largest drive-in diner.  This place is massive, with long rows of drive up areas.  If you want to dine in, there’s plenty of space inside, too!

24 Hours in Atlanta- Eastside

LONG row for drive-in service


We opted for an inside meal.  As we stepped up to the long counter, we were greeted with the famous, “What’ll ya have… What’ll ya have?” by an attendant that wasn’t that friendly, but quick to get our order to us.  We had to try the famous chili hot dogs.  The Varsity is famous for its chili.  You can buy extra cans of chili to take home with you.

24 Hours in Atlanta- Eastside




So have you been to Atlanta or want to visit?  Please share by commenting below!  

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~ Carmen

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24 Hours in Atlanta- Eastside


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